In mid 1968 Ralph Behm, a Civil Engineer, and two partners, all of whom were disenchanted with their current professions, got together and decided to enter the relatively new world of pallet production and, more especially, bin manufacture in the fruit Industry which had only recently been introduced to South Africa from the USA. In November of that year Palbin Cape (Pty) Ltd was launched with little more than a collection from pooled pensions.

Not long after Palbin started operations Ralph took sole control, buying out his partners, and throwing everything he had into his business. From humble beginnings Palbin started manufacturing pallets and bins with an inherent quality instilled by standards and tolerances only a qualified engineer would be satisfied with. This was to become Palbins's hallmark and to an extent has set some of the benchmarks for the pallet and bin Industry in the Western Cape. With players coming and going in a fiercely competitive and somewhat indiscriminate Industry the never compromising attitude of Palbin to quality has seen it through many tough times where others have failed.


Now the leading and the oldest Company of its type in the Western Cape, Palbin has grown from a tiny manufacturing concern using only 65.3 cubic meters of wood in its first full year to one that now operates from its own 20000 sq meter premises with timber consumption that exceeded 7500 cubic meters in 2002. "Our growth has been built on a firm belief in strong ethics, honesty, high standards and good solid value for money. And our loyal Customer base continues to broaden because of those principles" says Ralph Behm.

During early 2003 Palbin increased it's Factory space with the addition of a 620 square meter new assembly plant and replaced some older machinery to make sure that we were well placed to cater for the future needs of our Customers. As a result we were able to streamline certain operational functions and created a more competitive edge for ourselves.


As a Company we are committed to enriching those in our community who come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and endorse the efforts of the Government's BEE initiative. Of our 104 employees 70% are Black, 23% are coloured and 7% are White.
Palbin currently holds a BEE Broad based Procurement Initiative Level 8 status as issued by SANAS.


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