Only the highest quality dense dry SA pine is used in the manufacture of all warehouse and export "Euro" type pallets and our production process is controlled by standards benchmarked for these products.

The same standards are applied in the manufacture of disposable pallets using wet off saw and rustic type material. All use only ring shank nails or, if a Customer requests, we use screws and even bolts to suit any specification.

Our range encompasses every pallet design such as 4 & 2 way entry, skid, reversible, non reversible and perimeter base and in all sizes to suit containerization, warehousing, stacking etc., and caters for most forklift type machinery.

We will use our extensive knowledge to manufacture to the individual needs of our Clients.


Manufacturers of all types of    
Wooden Packaging    

A host of countries including the
UK, Germany, Canada, France and the USA receive South African products shipped on

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