Stakes are square and sharpened one end
Ref No
Length Available in 24mm or 35mm thicknesses
900 S09
1200 S12
1500 S15
1800 S18
2100 S21
2400 S24
Bulk Storage Bins for bagged products
Available treated or untreated Ref No
A Grade 1270x1070x610     CA
B Grade 1270x1070x610     CB
C Grade 1270x1070x610     CC

Garden Edgings (300 height and 3000 length)
Available treated or untreated Ref No
Rough rectangular slats     GER
Planed rectangular slats     GEP

Manufacturers of all types of    
Wooden Packaging    

A host of countries including the
UK, Germany, Canada, France and the USA receive South African products shipped on

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